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Your Unique Talent; Our Distinctive Approach; One Singular Path

Share your gift of Healing – On your terms

Need a break from your routine?

Want to maximize your income?

Maybe you want a change of scenery and experience living and working at the coast or in the mountains? Or, perhaps you are an experienced traveler who is just looking for a company who will listen to your needs?

We are experts in finding an opportunity for you that matches your criteria. Because our network consists of thousands of medical facilities throughout the U.S., we can supply Travelers with numerous opportunities in a variety of specialties while maintaining our personal touch.

Convergence Medical Staffing is known for providing customized care and assignments that meet our traveler’s professional goals, financial requirements and personal needs. We offer a simple and straightforward system that will allow you to do what you do best – care for people –while building a profitable and rewarding career.

Experience our distinctive approach

Convergence Medical Staffing Travelers work one-on-one with a seasoned recruiter to find the position, environment, and lifestyle that suits their individual needs.

Using the information from your online application, your recruiter will advise you on the travel options available for your expertise and personally guide you through the credentialing, placement, housing, and compensation processes.

Don’t like surprises? Neither do we!

Our travelers find the Convergence team approachable, prepared, and thorough. From credentialing to housing; from move-in day to pay day, we are there and ready to help – seven days a week.  With over 100 years of combined experience, Convergence Medical Staffing knows how to make Medical Travel simple, easy and satisfying.

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One Singular Path

Convergence Medical Staffing Travelers are special. Our travelers work diligently to care for others properly and professionally.

Come join a high performing team that understands this and expects the same from themselves.

Let us show you how Convergence Medical Staffing works! Let’s get your online application started.


Grady and Greg have been astounding. I went with Convergence due to the swift response, processing, and helpfulness of these two. Also, they made it so easy, explaining everything. Credentialing was quick and a breeze. I have and will continue to recommend Convergence to others.