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    8720 Red Oak Blvd.
    Suite 503
    Charlotte, NC 28217

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    Phone: 980.207.5000
    Fax: 980.265.5297

    Locum Tenens

    Opportunities at the Right Time and Place

    Share your gift for preserving life...

    On your own terms

    Need a break from the routine?

    Tired of administrative policies and work politics?

    Do you have the desire to explore while sharing and expanding your skills while being paid top dollar?

    Would you want to be closer to friends and family? Or do you need to be further from them?

    Convergence Locums provides contractual assignments all over the country in acute care and other healthcare care settings.

    We will support you with 24/7 access to an employee, 365 days a year. Let us show you how WE define “meaningful use” through every stage your career.

    Becoming a Locum Tenen is a financially gratifying and challenging option to stay active in your field.

    You can have the time of your life...

    Combine Travel and Work

    There will be time to stroll through the breezy streets of Chicago or enjoy an excursion to Mardi Gras. There will be time to snow ski in Salt Lake City or swim with the dolphins in Key West. East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Southwest – whatever appeals to you.

    You will have the time of your life while you work.

    Update your knowledge base and interact with people and places in a meaningful way.

    Expand your resources by meeting new colleagues and building lifelong relationships.

    Be appreciated for your talents and superior abilities. Invigorate your career while attending to other priorities through true work/life balance.

    Go solo or bring a travel companion. Bring Fido and Boots too.

    Learn more about the benefits of working with Convergence.

    Convergence makes becoming a Locum Tenen easy:

    • Scheduling details
    • License reimbursements
    • We handle credentialing and privileging details
    • Compliant with Federal, State, and regulatory agency requirements
    • All details related to your assignment, housing, travel, and pay are handled meticulously and are consistently accurate
    Seal | Joint Commission - National Quality Approval
    Joint Commission's
    Gold Seal of Approval


    My recruiter is a terrific listener and has earned my trust by doing what she says she will do when she says she will do it.  To date, everything from Convergence and my recruiter has met my satisfaction 100%. How many travelers can say that?

    I’ve work with the Leaders in Travel Nursing in the past. Took a hiatus from Travel Nursing for a while. When I did decide to go back to Travel Nursing a nurse colleague told me about Convergence and also said her Recruiter was the best. My recruiter is one of the better ones. She goes a long way to accommodate me and my preferences and for that I am deeply grateful.

    - 06/25/2019

    This is one of the best travel companies I have ever worked for in the last 30 years. From Sunny Leone in the very beginning until my first assignment everything was made just as easy as possible the staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating. Since I’ve been on this travel assignment they are constantly in touch with me wanting to know if I need anything and I can tell they really care.

    - 06/20/2019

    Christie McGee and Greg Allen are so supportive and honest. I have listened to other travelers talk and when I start talking they often ask for contact information. Super helpful, honest, up front, hides nothing, supportive beyond belief and the fact that I can reach them 24/7 says it all. I will never leave them.

    - 06/18/2019

    I ran into a bit of trouble at a certain facility, and the staff and agency backed me and pulled me out when things got to the point where it needed to be done. Every person i have ever talked to at the agency has been both professional and friendly. I’d recommend them to any traveler.

    - 06/18/2019

    I had an issue with my first travel assignment with this company. The company at all levels stood behind me and pulled my contract without hesitation. I felt very supported by the company and would readily refer them to other travelers for employment. My recruiter, Christie McGee, was ALWAYS easily accessible and attentive to any questions or issues. By far THE best travel company for which I have ever worked.

    - 06/21/2019

    There is no pressure to go where they want you to go. I get to make my own decisions and they make certain that I have everything that I need while on assignment. They consistently check on my satisfaction and offers to do things to assist me. Pay is accurate and always on time. There is nothing I have to ask for. I give this company a 5-star rating!

    - 07/03/2019

    “I love the staff. They are always willing to help out, gives assurances when needed and provides guidance when I’m perplexed. My recruiter, Dottie, gets a BIG 10 on a scale of 1-10. She has resolved issues for me, is upfront and highly responsive to my needs. If she doesn’t know the answer, she gets it quick. She is just AMAZING! I highly recommend Convergence because the staff is awesome, gives you many choices with assignments and they stay in touch regularly to make sure that I have no needs.” Pay is accurate and on time dependably.

    - 07/18/2019

    I hear traveler complaints often regarding their travel company. When I hear of the dissatisfaction, it makes my decision to stay with Convergence a no brainer. For three years, I have had exceptional attention to detail, my recruiter is attentive and responds quickly and my pay is accurate and on time each and every week. My recruiter is a straight shooter and resolves my issues fairly and quickly. I am shown respect and appreciation on a consistent basis. They definitely do what they say. I highly recommend this company to anyone.

    - 07/19/2018

    My recruiter is wonderful and handles everything for me. He goes above and beyond – as opposed to service issues I’ve had in the past with other firms. I feel like he works for me and gets me the best assignment for the most money.

    Everyone at Convergence always takes my concerns seriously and they are always there to answer all of my questions. My recruiter works hard to make sure I get on assignments that are in my best interest and in the locations of my preference. Convergence also has the best bonuses and PTO programs for travelers!

    - 08/02/2019

    You guys are awesome at keeping me updated on what I need and when I need it. Everything is always sent to me in sufficient time to get it done. A shout out to Christie for always having my back and placing me in assignments you know I will enjoy-well except Iowa in the dead of winter haha. I’ve truly enjoyed the past year of travel. What a great company to work through!!

    - 08/08/2019

    My recruiter, Dottie, is the absolute best! She’s helpful, has strong follow up skills and always available to me. She has gotten me two interviews in areas that I want to visit. Everyone at the company has been incredible. By far the best!!! I highly recommend.

    - 08/06/2019
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