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    8720 Red Oak Blvd.
    Suite 503
    Charlotte, NC 28217

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    Phone: 980.207.5000
    Fax: 980.265.5297

    Featured Nurse 12 20 Amanda

    Featured Traveler: Amanda J., RN

    A Modern Day Explorer

    Travel RN, Amanda J., has been a Travel Nurse for a year and absolutely loves her job.  Amanda confides to her recruiter that she feels like she is on an extended vacation, but with a work schedule.  “I get to live in a ‘cool’ place for a few months without having to commit to work on a permanent basis.”  If fact, she loves the travel lifestyle so much, she has decided to attempt to work in all 50 States.

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    Featured Trvlr David B

    Featured Traveler: David B., OR RN

    A Lifetime of Service

    David B., our November Featured Traveler, grew up in Tampa, FL. After completing high school at the age of 17, David joined the Air Force and, unbeknownst to him, started his journey of service to others.  He was stationed in various locations throughout the U.S. and then sent to serve in Desert Storm.  After his tour, David came home, retired from the Air Force, and started his search for a new career.

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    Ask Greg Nursing Fulltime Calling

    Nursing Is Truly A 24/7 Calling

    Longtime travel nurse, Kathleen V., thought it was a normal Wednesday morning when she and her husband Gary left his mother's house to run an errand.  But today Kathleen encountered an opportunity she faces every day on the job as a nurse: The Opportunity to Make a Difference.
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    Happy Birthday Convergence Medical Staffing!

    Convergence Medical Staffing is FIVE YEARS OLD this month! WOW… just like the old adage, “time flies when you’re having fun”, we cannot believe that five years has passed already. Having built and sold a very successful Medical Travel company in the not too distant past, the Convergence Management team felt positioned to get our new “baby” up and running quickly. After a whirlwind set-up of office space, technology, and software selections, hiring of office staff began - with many of our former colleagues asking to join the new team.
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    Article Finding Your Voice

    Finding Your Voice

    According to guest editorial author AnneMarie Palatnick in Nursing 2018 Critical Care - “Ineffective communication is one of the most frequently identified root causes of sentinel events and contributes to the 400,000 deaths that occur each year due to preventable medical errors.”
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    Thank You!

    During a Season where our attention turns to being thankful, Convergence would like to THANK and CONGRATULATE  the following Travelers for their contributions to our shared success through earned bonuses:
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    Wisconsin Joins the eNLC

    Legislation has now been passed allowing Wisconsin to participate in the eNLC. The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) will go into effect on 1/19/2018 for 27 states. The states (currently) participating in the eNLC are...
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