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    8720 Red Oak Blvd.
    Suite 503
    Charlotte, NC 28217

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    Phone: 980.207.5000
    Fax: 980.265.5297

    Featured Traveler: Melvina P.

    One Of Our Best!

    As a healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience, even our featured traveler for January was a bit apprehensive when she decided to become a nurse traveler. However, Melvina P. found she really loved traveling to different areas of the United States and meeting new people. She has been traveling for five years to date.

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    Featured Traveler: Kathleen V.

    Natural Adventurer

    Our featured traveler for December is Kathleen V. – a natural adventurer!

    Kathleen travels with husband Gary, featured with her in the picture, and their three dogs, Foxy, Dexter, and Shyla. They love exploring together on each assignment Kathleen takes – side roads, water areas, and surrounding towns.  Their picture was taken while at Glacier National Park.  Kathleen says about their lifestyle: “It’s an excursion for both of us, but it’s hard work too.”

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    Pertinent Questions For Traveler To Ask

    Q: Greg - I work with a fabulous recruiter and have loved the jobs she has sent me on.  Recently she placed me in a situation that is not at all like it was described.  I really want to continue working with my recruiter, but I don't want to repeat landing in a job I don't like.  What should I do?
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    Featured Traveler: Kayla B., ER RN

    – aka “Supergirl!”

    Our featured traveler for November is originally from Indianapolis and graduated from Purdue University.  (BOILER UP!)  Meet Kayla B.!

    Initially Kayla wanted to be an M.D., but after shadowing doctors she found she identified more with nurses: “Doctors spent minutes with patients; nurses actually got to know their patients and made a real impact on the care their patients received.”  It was a game changer for her.

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    Featured Traveler: Lisa G., LPN

    A True Traveler

    Our Featured Traveler for October, Lisa G. LPN, is no stranger to new nursing situations.  With 17 years of healthcare experience -12 years spent in nursing and 3 years of that in travel nursing – Lisa has worked in every U.S. State except Alaska.  And, Alaska is on her “to do” list! (Lisa is currently on assignment in N.H. ) She has specialized in Long Term Care, Corrections, and Hospice nursing.

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    Featured Traveler: LeeOnna S., LPN

    Endless Summer

    Even though September 1 is the “unofficial end of summer”, our featured traveler LeeOnna S., LPN is about to embark on her own “endless summer”. LeeOnna is pictured here with her fiancé, Evan, whom she met while on a Travel Assignment! This super pair plan to be married in June!

    Despite the fact that she met the love of her life while traveling, LeeOnna also loves the many different places her travel nursing has taken her; and she admits that she still picks up new skills in every visit to a different facility. She also credits her Convergence Recruiter, Christie, with much of her success.

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    Happy Birthday Convergence Medical Staffing!

    Convergence Medical Staffing is FIVE YEARS OLD this month! WOW… just like the old adage, “time flies when you’re having fun”, we cannot believe that five years has passed already. Having built and sold a very successful Medical Travel company in the not too distant past, the Convergence Management team felt positioned to get our new “baby” up and running quickly. After a whirlwind set-up of office space, technology, and software selections, hiring of office staff began - with many of our former colleagues asking to join the new team.
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    Featured Traveler: Destiny G., LPN

    Meet Destiny G., LPN – Destiny comes from a small town in Virginia and is currently working an assignment in New Hampshire, specializing in skilled and rehabilitation nursing.  Even though Destiny has been a nurse for just over three years, she has been in healthcare for a total of 10 years.  As a Certified Nursing Assistant, Destiny was able to work with various segments of healthcare before she made a commitment. We guess you could say Destiny’s destiny was to become a nurse!

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