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    Featured Traveler: Kate M., OR RN

    Always On Our Mind

    Meet Kate M., OR RN our featured traveler for December!

    Kate is originally from St. Louis, MO and lived in MS for a number of years, where she raised her daughter. Kate has been a Travel Nurse for four years working on a number of assignments in LA, TN, SC, GA and FL. She is currently on assignment in FL and LOVES the facility and her team members.

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    Featured Traveler: Tanya T., LPN

     She’s A Keeper!

    Our Featured Traveler for October, Tanya T. (she’s the one on the right) was born and raised in Minnesota and is currently enjoying an assignment in an Assisted Living facility located in Bloomington, MN.  Tanya insists that she is working with the best co-workers in the industry – great mentors, great cooks, great cultural influences and great fun. Apparently they feel the same way about her because they have found long-term housing for her should she stay!

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    Ask Greg Nursing Fulltime Calling

    Nursing Is Truly A 24/7 Calling

    Longtime travel nurse, Kathleen V., thought it was a normal Wednesday morning when she and her husband Gary left his mother's house to run an errand.  But today Kathleen encountered an opportunity she faces every day on the job as a nurse: The Opportunity to Make a Difference.
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    Featured Traveler: Brandy F., LPN

    Meet Brandy F., LPN – from Mississippi; that’s her on the left!

    Brandy worked in healthcare for seven years before becoming an LPN in Long Term Care…and she loves it! She is currently on assignment in Louisiana doing what she does best – a fabulous job. True to the Convergence brand for providing high quality, Brandy was recently recognized by her facility CEO with a personal “thank you” and a gift card.

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    Featured Traveler: Kandi G., LPN

    Her Patients’ Safe Harbor

    Feelings of safety, trust, dependability – all patients want to feel this about their caregivers. Well, the patients at an assisted living facility in West Virginia are feeling just that for our featured traveler for August – Kandi G.  Kandi describes one of her favorite times at work as when one of her patients wheels herself to the nurses station, lays her head in Kandi’s lap and falls asleep. Kandi says, “she does that because it makes her feel safe.”  (Quite the complement!)

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    Featured Traveler: Heather T.A., RN

     “Captain” to Some!

    What could more appropriate than to feature an active Army Reserve nurse for July? Meet Heather T.A. – currently working as a Medical Surgical RN on assignment in New Mexico.  Although Heather was born in North Dakota, she spent most of her life in South Dakota and some time in Maryland. Heather knew she had found her calling at the young age of 16 when she worked as a Nurses Aid.  Nursing School was the next logical step!

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    Featured Traveler: Ann R.

     She Has the “Travel Bug!”

    Ann R., PACU RN from Knoxville, TN has proven her dedication to nursing; she is soon to celebrate her 37th year anniversary. She has also proven that once you have the “travel bug” it is hard to get rid of, and in this case – that is a good thing! After leaving Travel Nursing earlier in her career, she is now back on the road and is now nine years strong.

    When Ann was first mapping out her career, becoming an Operating Room Surgical Tech was her first choice. But with encouragement from her mother to take the next step, Ann decided to become a nurse.  She is thrilled she took her mother’s advise.

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    Featured Traveler: Aural S.

     “Suzie” An Angel on Earth

    Meet Aural “Suzie” S – our featured Traveler for May. If Angels walk the Earth, we have found one! Suzie is from Temple, TX and is currently working a Home Health assignment in Austin, Tx.  She has been an RN for 16 years but has spent the last six years specializing in Hospice and Palliative Care.

    We always enjoy discovering why Nurses gravitate to a specialty.  In Suzie’s case Hospice found her.  She explains: “Although end of life care is a difficult side of nursing, it’s important that someone’s life ends the best way possible – just as life begins. “

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    Ask Greg I Hate My Assignment

    I Hate My Assignment

    Q: Greg - Greg - I hate my assignment! My duties are not as described, and my coworkers treat me terribly.  I didn't sign on for this; I am tempted to leave and not come back!
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