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    8720 Red Oak Blvd.
    Suite 503
    Charlotte, NC 28217

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    Phone: 980.207.5000
    Fax: 980.265.5297

    Featured Nurse 10 22 Akansha

    Featured Traveler: Akansha A., LPN

    An Integral Part of “the Family Business”

    One could say that Akansha A., LPN was born into nursing. “Almost every woman in my family is a nurse – Mom, Sister, Aunts, and Cousins. It was meant to be!”

    Akansha grew up in Tennessee, but she and her husband now call Georgia “home” – except for when they are traveling.

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    Featured Traveler TEvans 3 2022

    Featured Traveler: Tashia E., LPN

    Professional Experience and Caring is More Important than Money

    Our CMS Featured Traveler, Tashia E., LPN has been an LPN for 16 years and has been traveling for the last five. Despite the benefits and the challenges of nursing during a pandemic, Tashia has fresh advice for her fellow travelers:

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    Featured Trvlr Rodrigo S

    Featured Traveler: Rodrigo S., LPN

    Caring Despite Adverse Times

    Rodrigo S., LPN saw an opportunity where others saw adversity. Despite the chaos created by the COVID -19 virus, Rodrigo entered nursing 14 months ago with a purpose: “Nursing has a job outlook of endless opportunities – whether in a hospital or long-term bedside care. Also nursing offers a flexible schedule with great earning potential.”

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