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8720 Red Oak Blvd.
Suite 503
Charlotte, NC 28217

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Phone: 980.207.5000
Fax: 980.265.5297

Pertinent Questions For Traveler To Ask

Q: Greg - I work with a fabulous recruiter and have loved the jobs she has sent me on.  Recently she placed me in a situation that is not at all like it was described.  I really want to continue working with my recruiter, but I don't want to repeat landing in a job I don't like.  What should I do?
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Article Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

According to guest editorial author AnneMarie Palatnick in Nursing 2018 Critical Care - “Ineffective communication is one of the most frequently identified root causes of sentinel events and contributes to the 400,000 deaths that occur each year due to preventable medical errors.”
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Best Travel Nursing Companies for 2017

When Kyle from BluePipes called to tell me that Convergence Medical Staffing had been named one of the best Nurse Travel Companies for 2017, I was totally floored.  Never mind that his telephone call could have been from anyone - answered at my desk like all the rest - but the fact that it was a call bringing good news and recognition bordered on the surreal.
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