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    8720 Red Oak Blvd.
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    Charlotte, NC 28217

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    Phone: 980.207.5000
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    Featured Traveler: Lori C.

    An Extraordinary LPN

    Meet Lori C and her half-human travel companion, co-pilot, and partner-in-crime – Jerzee! Lori has been in the healthcare field for 24 years and has been an LPN for 14.  Lori specializes in Long Term Care, (Jerzee specializes in long term love), and (they) are currently on assignment in Barton, Vermont.

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    Featured Traveler: Tanya T., LPN

     She’s A Keeper!

    Our Featured Traveler for October, Tanya T. (she’s the one on the right) was born and raised in Minnesota and is currently enjoying an assignment in an Assisted Living facility located in Bloomington, MN.  Tanya insists that she is working with the best co-workers in the industry – great mentors, great cooks, great cultural influences and great fun. Apparently they feel the same way about her because they have found long-term housing for her should she stay!

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    Featured Traveler: Melvina P.

    One Of Our Best!

    As a healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience, even our featured traveler for January was a bit apprehensive when she decided to become a nurse traveler. However, Melvina P. found she really loved traveling to different areas of the United States and meeting new people. She has been traveling for five years to date.

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    Featured Traveler: Gretchen G.

    That Special? You’ll See Why!

    Our featured nurse for April, Gretchen G.,  grew up in Memphis, Missouri – a very small town located in the upper northeast section of the state.  It is here that Gretchen’s nursing journey began. Because the town was so small, she says that there were not many opportunities for employment, and she was fortunate enough to get a job in a local nursing home. 

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    Featured Traveler: Cheryl H.

    A Real Breath of Fresh Air

    Our Featured Traveler for July is a Registered Respiratory Therapist – Meet Cheryl H! Cheryl has been practicing Respiratory Therapy for 37 years and LOVES her profession.  In fact, Cheryl claims that in those 37 years she has never not wanted to go into work.  She loves taking care of her patients like they were her family – and her family and her eleven grandchildren are the most important things in her life.  Patients are just a very close second!

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    Featured Traveler: Ruby G., LPN

    The New Unsinkable Molly Brown

    Mark these words: “if anyone can make someone smile, it’s Ruby G.” This fun-loving LPN has the energy of a child, the spirit of angel, and one of the most positive outlooks we have ever encountered. Originally from South Point, Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) she now calls suburban Boston home – but is currently on assignment in Vermont. Ruby has been in healthcare for over 30 years and has practiced as an LPN for 20 years of those years specializing in Geriatrics. Of course, she loves what she does!

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    Suspect Housing

    Q: Greg - A friend took an assignment with another company that provided her housing.  When she arrived she was not happy with the location – dangerous – and the condition of the apartment – dirty.  How would you handle this?
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