Greg – I am interested in several of your jobs; do I have to complete an application for each one?


Actually you only have to submit one application! And it’s on line and it’s easy.

However, please note that you must give us complete information in order for us to submit your profile to any prospective assignment:

  • Application and Resume
  • Skill Checklist
  • Two Verified References from Managers
  • Verification of State Licensure
  • Proof of All Certifications Required for the Job

That’s minimum.  With some clients, you may need to include additional information such as  a driver’s license, social security card, competency test results, etc. I can agree that it is a pain in the “patootie” to have all of this completed before a facility will even consider you, but often firms will submit a candidate who does not have the qualifications or the skill level and precious time is wasted while discovering that the applicants are not qualified.  During that time someone else will scoop up the assignment!

The GOOD NEWS is once we have your complete information, we can submit you easily, anywhere and any time.  This means that YOU have a better chance at getting the assignment that you really want vs. taking what is left.  Convergence has a track record for getting you a job offer 95% of the time your profile is submitted to a client if that is within the first two days of releasing a job opening. All the more reason to have your paperwork completed and ready.

Our application can be completed in less that 30 minutes! Have ready before starting:

  1. Employment History (if by agency – including assignment facility name, agency name, and contact/number)
  2. Management references and their contact informatiton
  3. Specialty State License Numbers with Expiration Dates
  4. All Certification Expiration Dates

Using Google Chrome go to and click APPLY NOW on the top bar.

Click APPLY HERE.  Register if you are new, or log in if already registered.

The Application is in 8 short steps.  Complete each step, click on SAVE and wait for the next section to appear.  Once all sections are completed, the Disclaimer Page will appear.  Answer all Y/N questions and click SUBMIT.

Next go to the Skill Checklist and complete all checklists that pertain to your specialties.

You can upload any documents such as a resume, certifications, medical information, licenses, etc. in the form of a document or photo. Be sure to include the front and back and signed copies of all certifications.

BOOM ! You’re done! We’ll handle the rest!


Have a burning question? Email me!