A True Traveler – Lisa G., LPN

Our Featured Traveler for October, Lisa G. LPN, is no stranger to new nursing situations.  With 17 years of healthcare experience -12 years spent in nursing and 3 years of that in travel nursing – Lisa has worked in every U.S. State except Alaska.  And, Alaska is on her “to do” list! (Lisa is currently on assignment in N.H. ) She has specialized in Long Term Care, Corrections, and Hospice nursing.

“Nursing was always something I wanted to do. I was the one always taking care of my family when someone got hurt.”  Lisa adds: “I have always challenged myself to make a difference in someone’s life – putting a smile on someone’s face is the best feeling in the world.  You would be surprised how simple actions make a world of difference to others.”

One of Lisa’s most memorable moments while on assignment was a time when a resident passed away, but had no family. Lisa, another nurse, and an aide made a trip to the local river, placed rose petals in the water and said a prayer for the resident.  When they opened their eyes, they saw a bald eagle sitting in the tree above them. Amazing and touching!

Lisa’s advise to other travelers? “Do your best to align yourself with others without becoming too personal. That will come later – once they trust you and your work.  Show your skills – you just don’t know what you might be getting into with patients, and don’t take things personally  – you’re there to help because they need help.  We all know being short staffed can be stressful.”

Lisa continues: “I always tell other travelers how personable and good the Convergence Team is to me.  Other travelers complain that they never even hear from their recruiter while on assignment and have issues getting their calls returned.  My recruiter (Mo – who is pretty amazing!) frequently checks up on me and gets answers/resolutions quickly. Better yet, he ALWAYS has a next assignment ready for me when I’ve completed my current assignment. Convergence pays accurately and on time, which isn’t always the case at some agencies.  Any issues that have surfaced have been resolved instantly.”

Lisa – we thank you for your enthusiasm and true Travel Nursing spirit! You are absolutely one of our best!