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    Is There a Bully on Your Team?

    Greg – I hear a lot about bullying of Travel Nurses. What happens if I am unable to work with my fellow nurses?


    NURSES:  I’ve never known one who cannot stand his/her ground when needed; however, we don’t expect you to be anyone’s door mat.

    Please report this to your Recruiter IMMEDIATELY!

    We will send you a complaint report to complete and advise you on how to proceed if bullying continues.  Once we receive your report, we will contact the facility director and handle the situation directly.

    Most usually, bullying stops.  We have mitigated these situations very successfully in the past without “sacrificing you” to the FTE staff on your assignment.

    If that doesn’t work, we will send you a ball bat 🙂

    Have a burning question? Email me (Greg).

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