Ask Greg — Why Is This A Problem?


Greg – Recently while on assignment I was able to arrange with my Site Supervisor to take a few days off. The next week when my Agency got my time card and saw I didn’t work a full week, they got pretty steamed! I plan to make up the time later on in my assignment … so why is this a problem?




Well, unfortunately, there are a few problems here; but all can be easily solved.

First of all, like most of us, Travel Companies aren’t fond of surprises.  This angst can be easily avoided by contacting your recruiter BEFORE making any plans to take time off.  Because your Travel Company has entered into a contract to provide your services for a specified amount of hours, any deviation from or failure to meet this obligation creates problems in satisfying the contract.  Likewise, YOU are under a similar contract with your Travel Company.  Even though you have every (good) intention to “make the hours up” through overtime or other means, the opportunity may not present itself during the specified duration of the contract.  That scenario would mean that the terms of the contract would not be satisfied.  You could experience the consequences of these actions “down the road”, so to speak, with financial penalties or by losing eligibility for future work with your firm.

Remember, your recruiter is always your FIRST POINT OF CONTACT  when there is a question or a need for deviation from a normal work routine.  Because your Travel Company is your actual employer, not the client facility, time off should be granted first through your Travel Company – just as it is with any other job. You and your recruiter are then open to present your request to your Site Supervisor.


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