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Greg – I hate my assignment! My duties are not as described, and my coworkers treat me terribly.  I didn’t sign on for this; I am tempted to leave and not come back!



Let’s be honest; one of the best loved reasons people travel is the flexibility it offers.  Travel the country, meet new people, experience new techniques, choose when and where you work.  Sounds perfect – until it’s not!

Convergence uses a rigorous and comprehensive system to vet assignments. Our recruiters are even more careful in their placement of travelers to ensure they go to the “right” assignments. But sometimes new or changing information creeps into play.

These cases don’t happen often, but when they do we recommend our travelers take a deep breath, finish their shift, and then call their recruiter.

Convergence recruiters serve as their travelers’ advocates and are there to resolve their work related issues.  If the traveler leaves the job without authorization, then the recruiter has no opportunity to resolve the situation fairly for the traveler.

At Convergence our goal is to bring a suitable resolution for an issue between a traveler and those at their assignment within 24 – 48 hours.  But, first we have to know there is an issue! Our recruiters are our Travelers’ champions; they need timely information to work their magic!

Conversely travelers need to remember they are working a contract.  Breaking a contract by quitting or disappearing without notice to Convergence and the client facility or termination from the contract for cause has immediate, financial and possible future consequences.

Convergence Medical Staffing believes that each travel assignment can be a win/win for all involved.  Our door (and telephone line) is always open. We encourage our travelers to take every opportunity to communicate with us to complete the assignment and thus to satisfy their goals.

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