Always On Our Mind – Kate M., OR RN

Meet Kate M., OR RN our featured traveler for December!

Kate is originally from St. Louis, MO and lived in MS for a number of years, where she raised her daughter. Kate has been a Travel Nurse for four years working on a number of assignments in LA, TN, SC, GA and FL. She is currently on assignment in FL and LOVES the facility and her team members.

Kate has been an Operating Room Nurse for 25 years, her entire nursing career, and has had a myriad of case types – her favorite being Neuro Surgery. We asked Kate what made her select the Operating Room as her specialty and she responded, “Actually it selected me! Right out of school a hospital offered to train me in the OR.  At that time, new grads didn’t get those types of opportunities, so I jumped at the chance and have loved it since.”

Currently Kate assists in Awake Craniotomies.  That’s right; performing brain surgery while the patient is fully awake, functional, and talking. More specifically, it is surgery that assists in the location of root causes for tremors that Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimers.  We asked Kate what the procedure was like and she replied, “For the patient, it’s basically unevenful and many leave without tremors. For the nurse, well, it’s kind of wild to observe a talking patient who is watching a ballgame during brain surgery..”.

Kate became interested in traveling nursing once her daughter left to attend college. And, after living in MO for 20 years she felt traveling would give her a chance to see the Country without leaving her love of OR Nursing behind.  “I was interested, took a few assignments close to home (just in case)… and ventured out further and further  It was safe, I learned the ropes, and now no location is totally off limits for me. I get to learn new computer software, new people, new procedures and new places – it’s what I love most about being a Traveler.”

“I’ve worked for recruiters who could have cared less about my needs and satisfaction. Convergence is attentive and upfront. They have proven to be honest and that makes a huge difference for a traveler to have that type of support.”

“Having a good recruiter is pivotal in successful travel nursing. On a scale of 1 – 10 my recruiter, Dottie is a 12. Dottie goes well beyond my expectations. She calls me quickly if i cannot reach her directly , even on the weekends. LOVE HER!”

Kate’s advise to other travelers? “The worst thing a traveler can say is, ‘I don’t do that.’…the morale is generally stretched when a traveler arrives and the last thing they want to hear is ‘I don’t do that’.  Travelers go into hospitals to assist the staff through rough spells. Travelers have to be flexible, adaptive and dependable. If you’re not willing to be part of a team, stay where you are.”

WELL SAID, Kate!!! You have captured the true spirit of Travel Nursing. Isn’t this a fascinating lady? Awake craniotomies, smart, a great sense of humor, AND a nurse… all the reasons Kate is “always on our mind.” We appreciate you!