Meet our July Featured Traveler – Heather T.A – RN (and “Captain” to some!)

What could more appropriate than to feature an active Army Reserve nurse for July? Meet Heather T.A. – currently working as a Medical Surgical RN on assignment in New Mexico.  Although Heather was born in North Dakota, she spent most of her life in South Dakota and some time in Maryland. Heather knew she had found her calling at the young age of 16 when she worked as a Nurses Aid.  Nursing School was the next logical step!

After working as an RN for 17 years and gaining new flexibility after getting her son off to college, Heather found Travel Nursing calling to her.  She liked the promise of adventure and new experiences Travel Nursing offers.  Now on her first assignment, she has not been disappointed and will continue to travel, picking her assignments based on their location.

Heather’s advice to someone who is interested in traveling: “Be open minded to the possibilities and the experience that traveling would lend to your resume. A well-seasoned, educated nurse can do many different things with his/her career if the have the foresight to learn all angles of the role”.

Regarding her experience with Convergence, Heather says: “The support I receive from my Recruiter is outstanding. John is always available and proves that he is interested in my well-being. I am well taken care of when it comes to my needs being met.  From my Recruiter to Credentialing, Convergence has been highly supportive and easy to work with. ”

In conclusion Heather states, ” I love my current co-workers, the cultural diversity and the many things to occupy myself on my time off!” Spoken like a well seasoned traveler!

We salute you, Heather and thank you for your service to our Country AND your patients!