Meet Brandy F., LPN – September’s Featured Traveler

Meet Brandy F., LPN – from Mississippi; that’s her on the left!

Brandy worked in healthcare for seven years before becoming an LPN in Long Term Care…and she loves it! She is currently on assignment in Louisiana doing what she does best – a fabulous job. True to the Convergence brand for providing high quality, Brandy was recently recognized by her facility CEO with a personal “thank you” and a gift card.

Her card read, “Brandy, Thanks. Your caring ways make all the difference and thank you for choosing (us). I appreciate your hard work and dedication to our patients. I know it can be tough coming in as a Travel Nurse, but you are definitely a valued member of our team.  Thank you and keep up the great work.”

It’s not completely shocking to us that Brandy’s behavior and patient care skills didn’t go unnoticed.  According to her, the single strongest reason she became a nurse is because she “loves, loves, loves giving one-on-one personal care.” She also explains that nursing never gets old: “You meet new friends, many of which I consider family”.

Brandy decided to become a Travel Nurse so that she could see the country while doing what she loves most- patient care.  She chose Convergence because of the relationship she had developed with her recruiter – John.

“John is always helpful, answers my questions truthfully/quickly, and is always positive and professional.  In fact, each person I have had contact with at Convergence is such a pleasure.  Each have been honest and hardworking.”

Brandy continues, “Credentialing was made easy. We had certain groups of credentials that were due by certain dates. They kept me on track and since the overwhelming majority of it was online, it was easy.”

Brandy offers a bit of advice to all Travelers: “Every day may not be good, but there is something good every day.”

Well said Brandy! and Travelers take note – THAT’s how Brandy ROLLS and that how WE roll too! A great match! Cheers to a long relationship! And, thank you Brandy!