I’ve Changed My Mind!

Greg – Even after all my research, I don’t like my assignment. Do I have to complete my contract?


Yes, absolutely you do! We understand that sometimes life happens (or isn’t what you expected) and we will work with that to the best of our abilities. But, we do expect for our travelers to work the full hours and dates of their contracts. Anything less will create penalties related to your personal income.  I don’t know a single individual who doesn’t have some portion of their work life that isn’t completely satisfying – but we all work anyway. Being a contractor is no different.


Hopefully, you have been in constant communication with your recruiter regarding the specific aspects of your dissatisfaction. If notified early enough, our recruiters can help with housing and workplace issues.  Is the job not what was described in your contract? Let your recruiter or DON investigate. Often the solutions are simple.


We, and you, have made a commitment to our client facility to provide a specific service to be performed by YOU especially, and we will honor that commitment. It is simply the professional to do!


Have a burning question? Email me (Greg).