Lois B, LPN – Always Learning – Never Daunted

Our August Featured Traveler is a nurse with unparalleled experience and a youthful need to always be learning – meet Lois B., LPN.

Lois has been in nursing for over 50 years and has dedicated her entire career to Long Term Care Nursing.  Because she believes learning is life-long, Lois has recently started a new phase in her career – Travel Nursing.  Lois found Travel Nursing appealing because she was not only looking for a change but wanted new experiences as well. She knew she would not get that opportunity by continuing to live and work in one area. Now, with a few assignments “under her belt”, she tells us that her favorite assignment to date was in New Hampshire.

“I liked that particular assignment because it gave me more responsibility than I typically have. This particular facility seemed to have a great need (for my skills)  and I wanted to be where I felt I was needed most. So I interviewed, accepted the offer, and was on my way to New Hampshire in a flash. It was exciting!”

When asked why Lois selected Convergence Medical Staffing as her travel firm, she replied: “My recruiter, as well as the rest of the company, have demonstrated that they “have my back” and you can’t find that just anywhere. “

With 50 years of nursing experience, we wanted some sound advice from a seasoned nurse to lend to other Travel Nurses. Lois offers the following: “Be prepared for anything. There are always going to be assignments that you love or hate – (even though I haven’t had an assignment that I hated to this point). Being part of the resolution to a facility’s issues should be a common goal for all Travel Nurses.  I’ve kept this attitude throughout my career and it has resulted in my being highly respected, well-liked, and accepted by both management and staff.”

Well done, Lois.

Here are some additional words of wisdom from Lois:Being challenged is an integral part of becoming better at what you do.”

More appropriate words could not be spoken considering these challenging times!

Cheers to us all in becoming better at what we do!