The Real Deal! Our Featured Traveler for June.

She has an incredible work ethic, clinical acumen and superior people skills.  Meet Lauren M-T, RN, our featured traveler for June!

With an extensive background in Client Services, Lauren came to nursing as a second career but felt that it was the perfect complement for her passion for caring for others. She has approached her nursing career similarly using each specialty to get trained into the next. Now with nine years in nursing, her breadth of experience is powerful and gives her a direct advantage when caring for patients, regardless of the unit. Lauren’s resume includes Long Term Acute Care, Emergency Room, Med Surg/Telemetry and Medical Surgical.

Currently on assignment in Charleston, S.C., Lauren states: “I love my current assignment and enjoy the patients and staff thoroughly…I like being on the road. Meeting new people, learning how different facilities operate clinically and experiencing how they implement different business practices have allowed me to grow tremendously.”  She also shared with us: “One of the most memorable moments for me (while traveling) was when my contract was ending and the Chief Nursing Officer and the Director of Nursing both approached me about staying. Their sincerity helped me to personally validate my skillset and was just an incredibly flattering complement.”

We asked Lauren what she likes about working with Convergence – “They make being a Travel Nurse a lot easier than other firms; they understand customer service and truly live their brand. That’s why I stay with them.”

“The lines of communication with my recruiter, Christie, are excellent! She is available to me whenever I need her. I rank her a 10 of 10! Furthermore, the people I have dealt with at Convergence are honest, available, and transparent.”

While Travel Nursing involves lots of hard work, there is always the opportunity to have fun. Lauren told us about one instance while on assignment in Vermont that she will never forget.  She and her husband and another Travel Nurse, Jeryl, took a short road trip to “Moose Alley” New Hampshire where, supposedly, there is a large population of moose. After searching for hours, they sighted not one moose.  Lauren says her colleague still believes that moose are not real – just a figment of the imagination.

Lauren, one could say the same thing about you. A travel nurse with your skills, performance, and clinical acumen seems to good to be true. Lucky for us that is not the case; unlike the moose, you are THE REAL DEAL!