Our Featured Traveler for the month of September is a highly skilled RN who originally hales from the great state of Minnesota. Meet Lori D. – a thirteen-year experienced nurse with specializations in Medical Surgical, Emergency Room, and Long Term Acute Care.  A long time resident of North Carolina, she now considers herself a native and seems to like it so much, she has most recently chosen a travel assignment in NC!

Having Traveled for a year and a half, Lori has a great perspective on her experience: “Be flexible and open to assignments you may not normally consider.  The greatest financial and professional rewards come from the places you would not have normally considered.  These are also the facilities where you actually grow the most professionally.”

Lori’s favorite part of traveling? ” I love meeting other travelers and have made some very good friends along the way.  I also like to learn the different ways each facility is organized and how they function.  It allows me to grasp the best and most efficient methods of patient care, use of technology and other facets of the job that I perform.”

Her favorite times while on the road all involve making patients smile or laugh, and most of all, when she is thanked for exceeding a clients facility’s expectations. “It’s at that point when you recognize you are on the top of your game! The travel nursing experience DOES make you a better nurse in so many different ways, shapes, and forms.”

Why Convergence? “I am highly supported. In return, I am more engaged with the organization and believe that my contributions are valued. I would recommend Convergence to other travelers for their individualized, personal attention. I never feel overlooked or underappreciated. That’s why I’ve been with them for well over a year!”

Well, Lori, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  THANK YOU for being expert in your profession, for your dedication to your work, for your part in our organization’s success and for allowing us to work with you.

When we said “EXPERT”, we weren’t just whistling Dixie. 🙂