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Featured Traveler: Rob R. Medical Surgical/Oncology RN

From the Army to Nursing

Rob, is featured on the right side of the photo and pictured with his best friend with whom he served in the military while stationed in California. Rob is originally from Chicago, IL, but after joining the Army and serving for 13 years as an infantryman, he never returned home. He is quickly approaching the 15 year mark as a Nurse! (Congratulations Rob!) He has been a Travel Nurse for over 10 years and is currently on assignment in Wilmington, N.C. We asked Rob what took him from the Army to Nursing. No surprise; it was a woman! Although the relationship didn’t last, he was convinced that Nursing was the career for him.

As a Travel Nurse, Rob enjoys seeing the country and going to places he’s never seen.  But more importantly, he really appreciates the professional independence traveling offers him. Rob states,” I enjoy the opportunity to challenge myself professionally”.  In addition to that Rob claims that while on the road, he experiences something memorable with each shift and with each patient or family member. For example, when working a contract in San Francisco, CA, Rob found the city proper to be too expensive for his needs, so he decided to save his money and commute.  “I had to commute an hour on the BART line every day to get to work, but it was fun.  There was ALWAYS a free show on the train, some of the most entertaining in the world”, as he laughs.  On a more serious note, he adds that the “Thank You’s” from patients, families, and client facilities mean the most to him.

We asked Rob what he likes about working with Convergence.  He replied,” I appreciate my recruiter.  He’s the real deal and has proven that he has my back.  He’s absolutely the top of the heap for me and I’ve worked with a number of recruiters during my time as a Travel Nurse.” When asked to describe for us his definition of his “perfect recruiter”, he replied: “I’m very direct and appreciate that quality in others. Tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.  Always be honest. Omissions are dishonest – and you won’t get that from me – so I will not tolerate it from anyone who enters into a business relationship with me.  Loyalty means hanging with me during the good and the bad; I will return the favor.”  (Thank you Rob!)

What advise would Rob give to travelers, particularly new travelers? “I have have observed that Travel Nursing is a business and if you forget that, someone is going to remind you – sometimes the hard way.  The key to being successful as a Traveler doesn’t just lie in your work ethics or clinical abilities, but also in your recruiter.  Trust the right recruiter or you could be very, very, sorry.”

“As for advise for nurses new to traveling? I would recommend that they do their homework and seek out colleagues who have traveled before.  There are plenty of groups/blogs on-line.  Take the time to talk to the experienced travelers and learn the ropes.  Jumping into the game without knowing the rules is never the way to win.”

Great advise from a GREAT Travel Nurse. Thanks Rob, for your exceptional clinical skills …. and  thank your for your time spent protecting our freedom!



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