Kristina S., LPN – Featured “Adventurer” for February

North, South, East or West, Kristina S. knows how to put her forty years of nursing experience to work to lend excellent patient care across the U.S.  Kristina’s core specialty is Medical Surgical nursing, but she has worked in ER, ICU, Cardiac SDU, CCU, and Transplants.  She is currently working in Rehabilitation Nursing on assignment in Gettysburg, PA.

Kristina also has experience “on the other side of the desk” having worked as a recruiter for a national travel nursing company.  It was in this position that Kristina decided travel nursing might be for her too.  With her unique perspective, Kristina can give other travel nurses important advice: “A nurse’s ability to complete an application and produce credentials quickly is the difference between landing the assignment you want versus taking the assignment you can get. It DOES make that much of a difference in getting the best assignments.”

How does Kristina select her assignments?  “It’s not exactly consistent. Sometimes it based on where I want to visit, and sometimes it’s money.” Kristina says that she truly enjoys going to different places, seeing different things, and learning about the country’s various cultures.  But she will admit that her favorite assignment was in Oahu, Hawaii. In her opinion, “Hawaii is a paradise with perfect weather, great food, and the rhythm of the island made me not want to leave.”  

What is another aspect of travel nursing that Kristina likes? She doesn’t have to be involved in work politics. “There are no worries about all the work and personal issues that surface.  I can just go in and do my job without getting involved on the sidelines.”

So what does a former recruiter say about her current recruiter? “My recruiter, Brian, is wonderful and handles everything for me. He goes above and beyond – as opposed to service issues I’ve had in the past with other firms. I feel like he works for me and gets me the best assignment for the most money.”  She continues to state she would recommend Convergence to anyone based solely on service.

Kristina – we think that is great praise coming from someone with your credentials! (ha, ha)  It’s a combination we love – the best nurse, the best assignments, and the best firm.  Thank you for sharing your incredible talents!