Christina S., RN and David S., LPN – Dynamic Travel Duo!

The saying may be “good things come in two’s”, but we at Convergence Medical Staffing disagree; in this case great things come in two’s – particularly with January’s featured Dynamic Travel Duo.  Meet Christina S. and David S. – an RN and an LPN who have found that traveling together makes the experience “double the fun”.

The pair first met when working together in Colorado Springs, CO; they quickly became friends sharing interests beyond nursing- including nature and travel. David was an experienced travel nurse and was itching to get on the road again. He had started looking for a “travel buddy” to help save money while on assignment. Christina had not considered travel nursing, but the more David spoke about his adventures, the more interested she became.  Ready to see the country and because they were such good friends, they knew they would be perfect traveling together.

Both Christina and David share the “cool, constant groove of going into new cities and checking out the restaurants, bars, and points of interest”.  On a downside, traveling together can be nerve wrecking. Christina states that “we can get on each other’s nerves sometimes, but we know each other well enough to know when one of us needs space.”

They select their assignments based on location and/or compensation and the type of facility in which they will be working.  They say it is not difficult to find assignments together – their Convergence recruiter, Christie, “does a fantastic job at finding facilities that need both an RN and LPN”.  So, far their favorite assignment has been in New Hampshire where they made lifelong friends while experiencing the East Coast. “We’ve also been to Salem, MA for Halloween, Boston, the coast of Maine, and the White Mountain National Forest – to name a few places”.

Interestingly, Christina and David love being travelers for different reasons.  Christina admits that she gets “so much enjoyment seeing the country and things that she wouldn’t otherwise get to see”.  David loves what traveling does for his skill set – learning from different physicians and scenarios as to “what works and what doesn’t”.  (Although, David does admit that he, like Christina, is a bit of a nomad, and enjoys the actual travel.)

So what do they like about Convergence and their recruiter, Christie?  Christina loves that she “can always count on Christie anytime for anything. And (Convergence) meets our pay and location needs and helps us resolve any issues along the way.”   David states: “Christie is an excellent listener, never makes us feel like a number, and is aggressive with solving issues.”  They both agree that “Christie has been phenomenal from the very beginning. She’s available to us, is accurate, has ‘our backs’ and is on top of anything else that could occur.  She’s a 10 out 10 – the best.  And the company goes out of their way to support us regardless of the situation. Bottom line, Convergence and Christie have proven we can trust them by consistently walking the talk.”

Now that you have Christina and David pegged as not only a Dynamic Travel Duo but also as romantic partners, surprise! They both owe many thanks to a fiance and a spouse “back home” in Colorado for the endless love and support given to them in pursuing their career dreams.  They agree that “the sweetest part of each contract is coming home to the ones we love before starting the next adventure”.

Words well said from two consummate professionals with exceptional partners; you all make us proud! And you all show us (and your contract facilities) that GREAT THINGS COME IN TWO’S!