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    Featured Traveler: Terri J.

    Sense of Humor is a Must

    Convergence Medical Staffing is proud to introduce Terri J, an enthusiastic RN originally from Joplin, MO as our January 2017 Traveler of the Month! Terri’s patients and Convergence Clients love her for her fantastic sense of humor and her extraordinary attention to patient care.

    Terri is a proud mother of three: two daughters and a son, and a grandmother several times over. How does she not look a day over 35?!

    Having been in Health Care for over 32 years, Terri’s love and focus has been ER Nursing since 2003. Terri enjoys the fast pace and the need for critical thinking skills necessary for success in the Emergency Room. And, she absolutely loves taking care of her patients.

    When we asked why she became a Travel Nurse, she states the she “loves going to new places and meeting new people.”  She has thoroughly enjoyed seeing the country and all of the sites – both going to a destination and while on location.”  Terri believes that the challenge of working in a different ER every three months is exhilarating:

    You have to prove yourself to management and staff repeatedly while adapting to different care techniques, policies, charting systems, management styles, and personalities.  It keeps me alert and I feel like I am at the top of my game clinically.

    Yes there have been minor errors along the way (though very few) from switching work and understanding assignment requirements, but Convergence handled those few incidents for me and supported me completely.  The end result is that I have learned so much more than I would have learned in a stationary position.  I’ve grown immensely from the experience, both personally and professionally.

    Terri likes working for Convergence Medical Staffing for a number of reasons:

    I think this is a super group of people who are genuinely concerned with my welfare and success.  They are ALWAYS available to me and treat my needs urgently.  You have no idea how important that is when you’re away from home.  I also like that they have always been honest with me and have proven that they can be trusted with pay issues, and to give me the best assignment for me – consistently – for over three years now.”

    She continues to describe the Convergence Team:

    My recruiter is hard working and diligent with helping me become successful as a Travel Nurse.  He encourages (even pushes me when needed – without being too pushy) to meet or exceed the requirements needed to obtain many of the financial bonuses that Convergence offers.  The payout has been extremely lucrative.  When your compensation is great, your recruiter is highly responsive and trustworthy, and the company proves to be dependable while using customer service rivaling The Ritz Carlton, there is no reason to be unhappy!”

    What is Terri’s advice to those considering Medical Travel?

    Contact Convergence Medical Staffing because of their pay, benefits, excellent service and quick response to your needs.  Additionally, if you own a travel trailer you always have  a place to stay, and that opens the doors to travel beyond large cities to other destinations that are well kept secrets.”

    Congratulations and many thanks to Terri! Not only do we appreciate Terri as an employee, we value her opinions and judgment. Would you like to work for a company that actually solicits your personal input? There IS a better way to Travel.  Your Unique Skills, Our Distinct Approach, One Singular Path. Convergence Medical Staffing.

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