First Love – Nursing – Randessa A., RN

Randessa A., our Featured Traveler for February, really wanted to be a fashion designer. (That’s her on the far right side of the photo – striking a pose!)  Her parents were not so keen on the idea, and after a few “rounds” with them she decided to pursue nursing.  Although not her first choice, nursing was confirmed as her first love after making rounds during her clinicals and meeting patients and their families. Randessa says, “Even the bad days make you stronger,” and consents that her parents were instrumental in guiding her to her calling.

Currently the Grenada native is on assignment in Cooperstown, NY as an Endoscopy Nurse working with GI cases and digestive diseases. It was a friend of Rendessa’s that inspired her to become a travel nurse, and she loves the adventure and the challenge that comes with each assignment. She also wanted to see more of the country while building her savings account as she prepares to buy a house.

She typically chooses her assignments based on the climate of a state and the time it takes to obtain a nursing license. One of her favorite assignments was in Vancouver, WA. “The staff was immediately welcoming and I was treated just like the other full-time staff members. It meant a lot that the doctors were courteous as well; in fact, we all went out as a group.”

If course Randessa likes meeting new people and seeing different places as a traveler, but she primarily is drawn to how nurses practice differently from state to state.  “It’s interesting to learn the various ways that lead to the same positive outcomes, and I believe that it makes me a better nurse.”

When asked what Randessa likes about Convergence she responded: “The Staff is friendly and my recruiter Christie is awesome! Having worked for other companies, the communication really drops off after a while, but not from Christie! She is top notch and gets my Gold Star! My pay is always correct and she is supportive as well! (Christie, remember my Christmas meltdown LOL?)

Randessa’s advise to other travelers is: “Your recruiter is there to help you; always stay in touch with your family; and SAVE, SAVE your money!”

Good advise from this “almost there” home buyer!  Randessa, we know your goal and look forward helping you get there through great travel assignments and lucrative bonus dollars!  May your next love be your new home!