Meet Stephan J. – One Awesome Echo Tech!

Stephan J., the Convergence Featured Traveler For April, comes to us from sunny Pompano Beach, FL and is currently on assignment in Indiana.

As a college student Stephan knew he wanted to be in the healthcare field, but it was a professor’s suggestion that lead him to Echocardiology.  He found the curriculum and the specialty fit his interests perfectly – and as they say – the rest is history.  Stephan also loves to travel, so travel nursing was a natural for him.

“By traveling with my profession, I not only get to live short-term in other places, but I also get to help people while traveling.  It is the best of both worlds.”  Stephan continues: “One of my favorite assignments was in San Angelo, Texas. The staff and patients were the nicest that I have ever been exposed to. The facility sponsored events that were fun…I felt like I knew the most of the staff by the time my contract was up. It was such a pleasure to be part of that staff and environment.  After all, becoming a Traveler is all about meeting new people, seeing new places and undertaking new experiences. “

We asked Stephan how he selects his assignment and he answered that for him he simply looks for places where the weather suits him and goes there.  “Wherever you go, the people, surrounding areas and events make it all worthwhile.” How does Convergence help Stephan in his selection process? “Convergence works on locating the assignments most attractive to me, checks on my satisfaction and well-being regularly, offers to do things to assist me and the pay is always accurate and on time.  You can’t ask for more that that.”

“There is no pressure to go where they (Convergence) want me to go. I get to make my own decisions and they make certain that I have everything I need while on assignment.  I give the company a 5-Star Rating!”

Well Stephan – we “echo” that sentiment! You are dependable, professional, and excellent at your job. We always receive comments from your assignments regarding the quality of your work, and you are always a great fit anywhere you travel for us.

Travelers like Stephen are what Convergence Medical Staffing is known for.  Thank you, Stephan, for a great job!