Amy Z., LPN – Soldiering On In A Pandemic

We would like to introduce you to Amy Z, LPN – extraordinary person and travel nurse for Convergence Medical Staffing.

Through this COVID-19 Pandemic, the media has told the special stories of healthcare workers who have chosen to travel to hotspots to care for the sick.  Amy’s story is one such tale.

Amy is from South Carolina and the proud grandmother of five and is currently on assignment in a neighboring state at a long term care facility containing the highest number of COVID residents recorded in that state. Despite personal and professional challenges, Amy has cared for residents who were critically ill, some of which did not survive.

 “It has been both complicated and difficult to care for these residents and work in a disrupted environment while also experiencing loss of life…At the end of the day, we all just did whatever we needed to do to make it work out. We protected our residents and ourselves so that the care could continue.”

Typically travel nurses work a contract that specifies duties, days, shifts, and hours – as did Amy’s. But during this unprecedented time and under these critical conditions, the routine was not an option. This group of nurses, both travelers, and full-time employees, came together to ensure that the proper patient care was available and provided to each and every resident by working off-hours and any and all days that they were needed.

“We worked through broken communication, doubled up on duties, assisted each other on medication passes, and even coordinated our schedules in a moment’s notice just to make sure every resident was cared for properly.”

Many of us would not have endured this assignment because of personal limitations, but Amy used this opportunity to evaluate her career choice and her commitment to her profession.  She continues to work this particular assignment and feels that she is making an unfortunate situation better by doing her part.

“Regardless of the challenge, each person has stepped up in the biggest way and I am proud to associate myself with the particular cadre of nursing professionals. Delivering my best work and doing what I can in a place where I am needed most is beyond gratifying.”

Is this the attitude of a nurse or a soldier? We think there is not much difference. Amy, you have our utmost respect and gratitude. You, and your colleagues, are the examples of the consummate professional.  Stay safe and be well.