Dave T., RN – A Successful Second Career!

Meet Dave T., RN – Specialist in Wound Care and our Featured Traveler for March! 

Although Dave has been a nurse for seven years, he actually got into nursing by mistake. Dave’s background is in Business Management and has a BS in Organizational Management and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  After his former employer decided to close the business, they offered to send Dave back to school.  Because Dave felt that the medical field would have the most consistent opportunities for employment, he opted to attend nursing school.

After completing nursing school and a stint in Step-Down Telemetry nursing, Dave was introduced to Wound Care and was hooked.  Not only did wound care align with his thought processes, but he found the work satisfying.

When asked what attracted Dave to travel nursing, he said initially “it was the compensation.”  However, he enjoys interacting with different cultures, being exposed to different perspectives on wound care, and changes in geographical locations. He explained to us that all of his assignments have had their pro’s and con’s, but his current assignment may be his favorite. Currently, Dave is on assignment in Arizona in a clinic setting and has grown to prefer clinic work.

Dave selects his assignments based on the pay, the cost of living in the area, the culture of the facility and the geographical location.  He prefers a location that allows him the possibility to go home to his small farm in Tennessee on weekends.

Dave’s advice to other travelers is “to identify what you want in a travel assignment, research the area, and plan ahead.”  (Good advice, Dave!)

What does MBA/RN Dave say about working with Convergence? “My recruiter, Dottie, is attentive to my needs and works with me expediently. She’s straight forward and responds in a timely manner with any of my requests. In other words, her professionalism is outstanding.” 

Thank you, Dave, for the kind words. And, cheers to you, Dave! That career mistake that took you to nursing was NO MISTAKE! Right person, right place, right time.