LeeOnna S., LPN

Even though September 1 is the “unofficial end of summer”, our featured traveler LeeOnna S., LPN is about to embark on her own “endless summer”. LeeOnna is pictured here with her fiancé, Evan, whom she met while on a Travel Assignment! This super pair plan to be married in June!

Despite the fact that she met the love of her life while traveling, LeeOnna also loves the many different places her travel nursing has taken her; and she admits that she still picks up new skills in every visit to a different facility. She also credits her Convergence Recruiter, Christie, with much of her success.

LeeOnna describes their relationship: “I can trust Christie with anything. She has seen me through some rough times, both personally and professionally. At one point in my travel career, it was tough to place me because of some temporary specific needs I had, but she always managed to make things work out for me. In my opinion, that shows dedication to the nurses she works with.”

She goes on to say that over their time working together, her recruiter has managed the process so that LeeOnna never makes less money from assignment to assignment; sometime she makes more!

“Everyone wants more money, but Christie is always available to answer my questions, attends to any pressing concerns I have – regardless of weekday or weekends – and takes time with me whenever I need it. Although money is important, there are assurances that money can’t buy. It’s terrific to have the best of both worlds.”

LeeOnna’s advice to other travelers is to learn as much about your travel company and your recruiter as possible. Although most who travel love it, assignments are not easy. She describes traveling as focused work where the traveler has to be able to step in, be dependable and perform. A traveler also has to be able to voice their needs, yet remain reasonable.

“Having ample support from your travel company and your recruiter is paramount to being successful as a travel nurse. Convergence, and my recruiter, see me more for my contribution and less as a number.” LeeOnna believes that this level of support plays a huge part in making the travel nurse successful and enables them to find the job rewarding.

LeeOnna, we thank you for your kind words! However, we know with your skills, professionalism, and love for your calling you will always find the kind of success you seek. It is a pleasure to work with you! (And congratulations to Evan; he doesn’t know how lucky he is!)