Shea K. LVN Extraordinaire

Meet Shea K – our featured Traveler for July.  That is her pictured in the middle of a group of CNA’s – nurses who in Shea’s opinion are the backbone of nursing. It is in that very statement of hers that makes us love working with Shea. Although she attends to detail, she always sees the bigger picture. We believe that is the mark of a true professional!

She is from a small town in North Texas and is currently on assignment in Albuquerque, NM.  Her desire to become a nurse was a direct result of the impressive level of care that both of her parents received while in the ICU.  Since then, she has provided that same care with each of her patients – for 19 years.

Shea specializes in Geriatrics and finds a great level of satisfaction in her work.  She has traveled with Convergence for THREE YEARS now and has a sterling record with both her clients and with our staff.  She loves being a Travel Nurse because she meets new people constantly and has a choice of extending her contract or moving on to the next adventure.

“Working for Convergence has been a great experience.  When I hear of other travelers’ complaints of dissatisfaction with their agencies, it makes my decision to stay with Convergence a ‘no brainer’. I not only see the difference, but feel the difference as well.”

Shea also adds that working with her recruiter, Mo, has been a pleasure: “He is a straight shooter, resolves any issues quickly and always gives me his best. When Mo has been out of the office, my secondary points of contact are always knowledgeable and respond the same way Mo responds – fast!”

We asked Shea what her advise to other travelers might be. She shared: “Never go on an assignment and think that you’re not replaceable.  Respect the staff, earn their trust, and do your job to best of your ability.  Your work will speak for itself. ”

What are her tips for those who are thinking about traveling? “If you enjoy meeting new people, like being challenged, and seeing new places – have faith in yourself! Take the jump and enjoy the ride.” Great advice from a pro who knows the ropes.

Just a few final words from us at Convergence: take a look at Shea’s photo again.  Notice how she sticks out from the group because of the difference in her scrubs. This photo couldn’t possible represent Shea more accurately; we think of her as the single red rose in a bouquet of daisies.

Shea – You inspire US! We so appreciate your clinical acumen, your ability to adapt, and just simply put – “YOU”!