Nneka – Uniquely Gifted Featured Traveler

Nneka (pronounced:  nAL-kuh) is originally from the Caribbean but has spent most of her life in Maryland. Nneka has been an RN for well over five years with most of her nursing experience spent in Medical Surgical. However, perhaps because of her natural curiosity, she also has gained experience in Transplant, Infusion, and Community Health.

Nneka likes helping others in their time of need and she takes that privilege very seriously. She enjoys the diversity of the job: “It’s not just doing the same things repeatedly. You have opportunities to educate patients, family members and assist in their treatments and recovery.  It’s incredibly gratifying.”

Diverse locations and situations led Nneka to Travel Nursing. She states that she wanted the freedom of various learning experiences, to travel to different places, meet new people, and also learn different management styles. “In doing this, I have become more flexible and have developed more highly tuned critical thinking skills.  I am definitely becoming a more well rounded nurse.”

Nneka likes working at Convergence because of the support and attention she receives. “My recruiter, Brian, has gained an understanding of me as a person, and as a result he is able to better determine the assignments that I would enjoy the most. He is approachable, responsive, and available to me at any time.  He finds answers to my questions and has earned my trust!”

“Some of the most rewarding times as a traveler have been when patients tell me I’m a good listener and open up to me.  Earning trust is difficult to do with strangers… something my recruiter and I share similarly. Other rewarding moments include gaining validation of being a good nurse from other nurses that are full-time at client facilities.”

Having said that, her word of advise to all travelers: “Keep an open mind and don’t judge the staff.  You have to earn their respect as a guest in their unit. Be ready to listen, pay attention, and do your job their way.  Humble yourself and make a positive contribution as a team member.”

Nneka is uniquely gifted in her clinical talents and people skills.  Now you know why we HAD to feature her! Thank you, Nneka, for letting us earn your trust and for sharing your professional contributions with us!