One Of Our Best – Melvina P. !

As a healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience, even our featured traveler for January was a bit apprehensive when she decided to become a nurse traveler. However, Melvina P. found she really loved traveling to different areas of the United States and meeting new people. She has been traveling for five years to date.

“(Traveling) makes me feel more complete as a person. It also enhances my career by exposing me to new methods of performing patient care and by working under different management styles. “

Melvina worked as a CNA for four years before deciding to go into nursing. She was actually inspired by the nurses with whom she worked – their actions eventually leading her into the profession where she feels she truly belongs. Melvina now specializes in Medical Surgical/Telemetry and is on assignment in St. Louis, MO.

Her advise to those thinking of becoming a travel nurse is “spot on”.

“Relax and enjoy the experience.  It’s not easy because the expectation of your performance and behavior is always higher than with regular staff, but meeting that expectation is what makes you well rounded and excellent at what you do.  This is the best growth experience that you’re ever going to get as a nursing professional.”

What does she say to those nurses who are travel pros?

“Try Convergence! You’ll love them!…They have great benefits that are effective your first day of work.  Their staff takes care of everything.  They even protected my contract from being cancelled when I was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly for several days.  They never left me stranded and were in constant communication with me on a daily basis.  They even took care of my housing until I could resume my contract days later, after being discharged from the hospital. ”  

Melvina continues: “My recruiter, Tiona, takes excellent care of my needs, and on a scale of 1 to 10 I rank Tiona a 10! Everyone is just wonderful to work with.  They have proven to be as close as a text or phone call away.” 

Thanks Melvina! We are just as close as you need us to be.  In the meantime, keep up the good work – you are now the nurse that will inspire others!