Serving Where Needed…Meet Allen L, LPN


Meet Allen L, our featured Traveler for May!  Allen is originally from Burlington, IA and has been traveling for about one year.  Allen came to nursing after serving in the U.S. Army –  trading serving his country for serving those who need direct care.  Not surprisingly, he has spent most of his three year nursing career working with Long Term Care patients and finds it highly rewarding.

“When in the Army, I decided I wanted a job that would turn into a true career and decided that nursing was the best fit for me” says Allen.

Allen’s motivation for becoming a travel nurse was, like many of us, to meet new people and see new places. But his TRUE MOTIVATION was to have the opportunity to live in places he is interested in, but would otherwise never have the opportunity to.  Allen is currently on assignment in Colorado.

Traveling with Convergence has helped Allen meet all of his goals.  “I like working for Convergence because of the benefits and compensation. My assignments have been good and my recruiter, Mo, gets me the best deals in the best places possible. Mo also stays ahead of the game in finding my next assignments. It’s a great place for a travel nurse.”

When asked about advise for his fellow travelers Allen says, “Be flexible with your destinations.  You will eventually be where you want to go; but you cannot do it every time.  Occasionally you may find yourself in an assignment you don’t necessarily like.  Just remember that the shape the facility is in, is not your fault.  That’s why they need a contractor.  Either way, each assignment lends to your professional growth.”

Despite his love (or not so much love) of the assignment, Allen has experienced many great moments traveling. The most memorable have been spent with lots of laughter with his co-workers. “It’s nice to know that when you leave you will be missed!”

Allen recommends Convergence because our recruiters are responsive, honest and always approachable. “Having the best recruiters are essential to have a good assignment and Convergence has the best!

Thank you Allen! And thank you for service – to our country and to our loved ones!