Kandi G., LPN – Her Patients’ Safe Harbor

Feelings of safety, trust, dependability – all patients want to feel this about their caregivers. Well, the patients at an assisted living facility in West Virginia are feeling just that for our featured traveler for August – Kandi G.  Kandi describes one of her favorite times at work as when one of her patients wheels herself to the nurses station, lays her head in Kandi’s lap and falls asleep. Kandi says, “she does that because it makes her feel safe.”  (Quite the complement!)

Kandi’s caregiving started at a young age helping one of her diabetic parents perform finger sticks and administer insulin. Later on, a family member was harmed in a car wreck and again Kandi helped by assisting with administering IV antibiotics and skin treatments. It was these instances that sparked her interest in healthcare. “I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives,” she states.

Kandi likes traveling because she grew up living in several locations and traveling gives her the opportunity to see states that she’s never visited. Her interest in traveling, however, was sparked by her belief that the diversity of locations, different management styles, and exposure to new processes and procedures would help her avoid burnout. Regarding her current assignment Kandi says, “I have amazing co-workers and some very humorous residents. That makes a huge difference in your work day.”

Kandi says that Convergence is her first choice as her firm. Why? “I love the staff. They are always willing to help out, give assurances when needed, and provide guidance when I’m perplexed. My recruiter, Dottie, gets a BIG 10 on a scale of 1 – 10.  She has resolved issues for me, is upfront and highly responsive to my needs.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she gets it quick. She is just AMAZING!”

Kandi’s advise to other travelers? “See the world – don’t just do it for the money; do it to make a difference in various places.”

Thank you Kandi for making your own personal “difference”. We all need a safe harbor once in a while!