Lori C., – An Extraordinary LPN

Meet Lori C and her half-human travel companion, co-pilot, and partner-in-crime – Jerzee! Lori has been in the healthcare field for 24 years and has been an LPN for 14.  Lori specializes in Long Term Care, (Jerzee specializes in long term love), and (they) are currently on assignment in Barton, Vermont.

For as long as Lori can remember, she has felt the calling to care for others.  Over the years, that calling grew stronger, leading Lori to commit to a career in nursing. Travel nursing was just the obvious next step; Lori is a self-described free spirit who loves new experiences and challenges.

As a Travel Nurse, she definitely has the opportunity for both. Lori likes the fact that through her assignments, she has the opportunity to learn new care tactics and problem-solving techniques. She is also thankful that she has had the opportunity to travel parts of the United States that she would not have otherwise visited. Most importantly, Lori has developed life-long friendships with like-minded people who share her passion for quality patient care.

Lori takes a different approach to selecting her assignments than most travelers; she opts to travel to areas of the country with the greatest need.  For now, that is the northeastern part of the U.S., and her recruiter, Dottie, is right on board helping Lori finding those assignments. “Dottie is beyond amazing!. She offers accurate advice, motivates me and is always immediately available to talk to me no matter how long I may need her.”

Lori explains that she likes working with Convergence because they are “reputable, well respected, and so caring and eager to assist me instead of leaving me to solve issues on my own. Not once have I had pay inaccuracies, housing issues, or benefits issues. They will go to any length to offer and fulfill the highest pay, excellent benefits, and job satisfaction. They care for their nurses like they are family.”

And Lori adds: “This entire experience has given me the highest level of confidence in my nursing skills.”  Lori – that is what we like to hear!!!!

Lori’s advice is straightforward and on-point:  “(A travel nurse) cannot expect to walk into a facility and be average. If you can’t be flexible – or you are needy – travel nursing may not be for you. If you’re skilled, dependable, and behave professionally, Travel Nursing can give you the world on a platter.”

Lori – with that attitude and your skills, count on Convergence to  “cook it up and serve it to you every day!