Tanya T., LPN – She’s A Keeper!

Our Featured Traveler for October, Tanya T. (she’s the one on the right) was born and raised in Minnesota and is currently enjoying an assignment in an Assisted Living facility located in Bloomington, MN.  Tanya insists that she is working with the best co-workers in the industry – great mentors, great cooks, great cultural influences and great fun. Apparently they feel the same way about her because they have found long-term housing for her should she stay!

When we at Convergence think of a “well rounded” nurse, we think of Tanya.  Not only does she have multiple specialties – Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Clinic, Hospital, and Home Care, she has Nursing Management experience as well. Tanya considered a nursing career at only age 10 when she helped care for her Grandfather who later succumbed to heart disease. As an adult, her desire to help others, comfort and support families, and to take care of her own family confirmed nursing as the career for her.  Now that her children are grown, Tanya says she is free to appease her “travel bug”.  She says, “I am making up for lost time and seeing the world. Meeting new people and seeing new places is the best part of Travel Nursing.”

How did Tanya and Convergence meet? “After interviewing with numerous firms, it was easy to decide on a recruiter and Convergence. They take my calls, respond quickly, answer my questions and are very supportive. I am pretty assertive and have found them to be the same. Bottom line: We’re a great match.”

How does Tanya choose her assignments? “I stay in touch with my recruiter, Brian, who is amazing. He works hard to find assignments that attract me,  and he understands my goals.” 

Her advice for other Travel Nurses: “Take the time to get to know others, communicate with your work team, and communicate with your recruiter. That’s vital for a travel nurse to be successful.

I highly recommend Convergence to others based on the performance of my recruiter, their thorough onboarding, and their employment of a Director of Nursing – who is an amazing clinical advocate.”

Thank you, Tanya,  for your kind words, positive outlook, your amazing skills – and for choosing Convergence! We think you’re a keeper!